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4 Best Feeders For Chickens: 2023 Dalton's Guide

Rowan Burgess |

It is no secret, chickens will feed all day given the opportunity. Are you just tossing your feed on the ground and watching them peck in a frenzy? Chicken feeders are specially designed to reduce wastage, stop pests from crawling in, and shield food from outside elements.

Even free-range chickens need nutritional supplements, so no matter how you raise your birds, a feeder is a must-have.

Finding the perfect chicken feeder can make all the difference to your flock's health and strength. Whether you are a backyard farmer or produce at an industrial level, the right feeder is essential for your birds.

Read on and discover Dalton Engineering's 2023 top chicken feeders that you can buy today!

The Top 4 Feeders For Chickens in 2023

At Dalton, we have compiled the best chicken feeders you can find all in one place. Learn what each one has to offer in detail before deciding which is right for you.

Every farm and every flock are different. There is no universal tool appropriate for all chickens. Luckily, there are plenty of choices that are sure to make feeding time a breeze in all situations.


This green chicken feeder is manufactured to minimise food waste. The small holes on the bottom only allow beaks to peck in without letting a mess disperse all over the ground.

When feed is not properly contained, your chickens won't be either. Messy chickens can alter the pecking order and lead to angry and violent birds.

This 3kg-capacity chicken feeder is the best economical choice. Coming in at only £5.90, it's affordable to buy several Eton TSFs for each run or chicken coop on your farm.

Perfect for the backyard farm, this compact chicken feeder ensures happy hens without using up excess space.

The durable plastic is robust and can stand up to wear and tear from even fighting flocks while maintaining its structure. The twist-lock bottom is easy to remove and clean. A simple lid means easy feed refilling.

The handle also allows for hanging it up. Hang the feeder just about the head-level of the birds and their necks will stretch without tearing it all down.

Pick up the Eton TSF if you're after a cost-saving device that doesn't skimp on quality and ease of use.


Now we're getting serious. With a 12kg feed capacity, this chicken feeder can handle plenty of food for all day or even longer. No more feed refilling morning, noon, and night!

What makes the Feed-O-Matic different is in the name! In classic treadle fashion, when your hen steps on the front green step, a metal door flap opens and allows access to the food. No work at all on your part. Your birds will now decide when it is feeding time.

This feeder is the best option for keeping vermin out. When not in use, the trough is protected from rats, mice, small birds, and any other invaders that would want to steal the food. When the flap is closed, the perfect seal keeps your food safe for hungry chickens but hidden from vermin.

The covered trough also reduces any chances of food wastage or spoilage on the ground. You can set the weight for activation as well, so no smaller animals will accidentally get access to the feed.

The 1mm thick galvanised metal design will always keep the feed dry and protected from even harsh weather. The high-quality sealing makes your feed stay fresh for longer. UV-resistant plastic will stay strong even after years in direct sunlight.

Potentially the best part about the Feed-O-Matic is its low maintenance. It's a set-it-and-forget-it device that you can trust.


Fit for royalty, the King holds a maximum of 25kg of feed. Made right here in the UK, and processed from high-quality recycled plastics, this tool is a high point in British poultry design. The BEC King is the best stand feeder for a good reason.

Every part of this chicken feeder is anti-corrosion and will stay in tip-top condition for years to come. The dependable hard plastic can stand up to big birds without showing a scratch or falling over.

Beyond chickens, this feeder can handle all poultry flocks: from turkeys to waterfowl, to all game birds you can imagine. This is a quality product for anyone raising game.

The black rain cover is 63cm in diameter, which will protect your feed even in the midst of a storm. If you're looking to store your feed outside, look no further than the King Feeder.

Such a big contraption is best suited for outside, especially when dealing with game birds. Do not crowd large birds inside a coop with the BEC King.

Check out the BEC King if you need a tough feeder that can handle it all.


Moving inside for a moment, the Manola Poultry Feeder is the best heavy-duty indoor option on the market. The available capacity is up to 22kg.

This option is only for those with plenty of room in their chicken coop: once the Manola is placed down, the feed will be the new gathering spot for all your hens.

Without a doubt the most popular chicken feeder at Dalton, this product is a perennial favourite. It gets the job done without making a fuss. The UV-treated plastic will keep the bright blue and red looking bright for years to come.

The pan's diameter is 450mm and its depth is 75mm, which is more than enough room for happy chickens to peck at their feed to their heart's content. The large pan also lowers the chance of feed spillage from your flock and keeps everything contained. This chicken feeder is easy to adjust and is precise in its food measurements.

The Manola chicken feeder also comes with an optional rain cover, should you wish to move it outside. Do not use it outside without the cover, or you risk mould growth in your chicken feeder.

Buy the Manola and rest easy knowing you have one of the best and most reliable chicken feeders on the market today.

What To Know Before Buying Chicken Feeders

At first glance, a chicken feeder may just look like a bowl to pour in some feed and forget about it. But it is actually a cleverly designed product, made to stand up to chickens who will not behave or wait their turn for feeding time.

Classic chicken behaviour involves pecking, clawing, pushing, and knocking things over in order to explore the world. Often, this includes feeders too. A good feeder will stay upright despite constant attacks from your hens.

You need to decide which type of feeder is right for you, whether a hanging, standing, or treadle chicken feeder.

  • A hanging feeder will prevent chickens from knocking it over as it swings. Place it hanging just at neck level and the birds will stretch to peck the feed without causing everything to tumble down. For the best results, place your hanging feeder inside.
  • A standing chicken feeder requires heft, to ensure stability in the face of an excited flock. You can place it inside or out, but beware the feed will attract vermin no matter where you place it. If you place it outside, be sure to add a rain cover to prevent the feed from turning rotten.
  • A treadle opens when the chickens step on it and their weight opens a flap revealing the feed. This is a great choice for busy farmers looking for a system that will manage itself.

Place your feeder inside your coop if possible, near the door, to discourage vermin from visiting your flock's home.

How Many Feeders Do Your Chickens Need?

There is no single answer to this question. It is better to get more than one for most medium-sized flocks so as not to cause too much competition. Chickens will begin to peck at each other to get their food if there isn't room for everyone at a single feeder.

Large farms with rows of chickens will require many more feeders than a backyard with just half a dozen. It's thought that one per 12-16 chickens is a good estimate.

Each feeder needs to be spaced out around the coop. The larger hens may shove the small birds out of the way if their territory or personal feed feels threatened. Observe your flock and determine who is not feeding enough and where they tend to roost. Place a feeder obviously located for the weaker birds, so they can stay strong among tough competition.

Over time, you will find how many you need and where they can be placed for optimal feeding.

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