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9 Best Rat Poisons in the UK Reviews 2023: A Complete Buyer's Guide

Rowan Burgess |

From small, quaint villages to luxurious cities, rats are always in search of a home. They will settle in anywhere – both indoors and outdoors. And if they’ve chosen to call your property home, you have a problem that you need to deal with immediately. 

Rats and mice can cause many issues to your homes structure, not to mention they carry around diseases. When an infestation occurs, time is of the essence. From snap traps to bait stations, there are a few options out there to eliminate them. 

One of the most effective methods of control – and the one we’ll be covering today – is rat poison bait. These products require careful consideration as it is deadly to rat, but hazardous to your home or business. 

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll offer options that will handle the problem in the safest manner possible. Taking the time to research and find the best rat poison for your needs goes a long way. Keep reading to learn all about exterminating these pests once and for all!  

9 Best Rat Poisons in The UK Reviews 

How do you choose the right poison? Well, this depends on a few factors. For instance: 

  • What types of pests are on your property? 
  • Is this for a residence or commercial building? 
  • Where do you plan on placing the rat poison bait? 
  • Do you have pets or small children? 
  • Where might the pest go after ingesting the poison? 

This complete review will help you find the best poison for you, whether you’re looking for a residential or commercial option.   

Residential Rat Poisons 

Let’s start with residential rat poisons. Seeing a rat or mouse run across your living room is not a pretty sight. Not to mention that the home is a difficult place to control rodent infestations. 

There is a lot to take into consideration in order to control the situation and kill the rats. You need to balance your daily activities, maintain the safety of curious children, and keep non-target animals away from the poison.

The best residential rat poisons are able to accomplish their task while minimizing the risk of harm to non- target populations.   

1. Ruby Block 25

This residential rat poison utilises the multi-feed active ingredient Difenacoum. This is an anticoagulant designed to clot blood and spur death. 

The Ruby Block 25 brand is formulated for residential environments. It is safe for use in homes, more specifically areas with animals, pets, and children. This does not mean non-target animals cannot be harmed at all. You should always use safety precautions when placing and using rat poison bait.  

Every 300 g pouch has 10x30g wrapped bait blocks. This is enough bait for 3 rat bait points. The amount of rat poison needed will vary if it is a medium to high rodent infestation rate. Each tamperproof rat bait station has a block with a hole through the centre that can be placed securely onto the bait station's baiting rod. The rat bait blocks have added attractants to make them irresistible to the rats.  


  • Safe to use in residential areas  
  • Compatible with many bait stations  
  • Can be used near sewers and waterways 
  • Pre-formed blocks are easy to place in bait stations  
  • Residential and professional use  


  • After ingestion, death can take 4-6 days
  • Can harm non-target animals  

Who Is This Rat Poison For? 

As a residential product, this rat poison can be used by absolutely anyone - amateurs and professionals! It’s very easy to use all the way from the setting up process to the handling. For added security, users need to use a secure bait station every time.   


This residential product, Ruby Block 25, does its job and is relatively safe for residential users. A stand-out feature of the block design is the bright-red colour. The colour makes it easy to track how much of the bait has been eaten and monitor any changes. 

Once bait-take ceases, and the bait blocks are untouched, you can rest assured your rodent infestation is handled. Difenacoum is a slower acting rat poison, but this is good if a cat or other innocent bystander accidentally ingests it. A vet or doctor can easily counteract difenacoum poisoning, making it safer to use near sensitive populations.  


2. Sapphire Grain 25

The Sapphire Grain 25 Rat Poison contains Brodificaoum coating oat grain, typically effective on rats and mice with just one feed. The rat poison is packed into 25g sachets to maintain freshness. The fresh and high-quality ingredients draw the rats and mice to the bait quickly. A strong product known for its effectiveness, this poison will kill rats and control infestations.

Every 150g pouch has six-packs of grain sachets in 25g each, ample material for three rat bait points. The sachets are interesting because they come in small bags, allowing you to place the bait without ever touching it. This reduces your exposure risk and increases overall safety.  


  • Safe to use in residential areas  
  • Affordable price  
  • Ready to use bags (sachets have pre-measured amounts)
  • Bright blue dye makes it easy to spot 


  • Hazardous to wildlife 
  • Medium to high infestation sizes might need more than one package of poison  
  • May dissolve in wet conditions  

Who Is This Rat Poison For? 

Sapphire Grain 25 sachets can be used by both novice residential users and professionals when handling rat problems. Both populations are highly advised to use bait stations to enhance security and minimise risk to non-target populations. 


Easy to use, the highly effective Sapphire Grain 25 is a worthy investment, especially for residential users. This product's high-point is the sachets that allow you to safely handle the product when setting up the traps. Exposure and handling of the poison is a big safety point for any rat poison, but Sapphire Grain 25 has created a way to handle it without exposure.  

3. Rodex Whole Wheat

Next up is another residential rat poison, Rodex. This is formulated with food grade micronized wheat. Micronisation uses high temperature treatment to prevent germination and convert starches to sugars to sweeten the bait and increase attractiveness to pests. The allure of Rodex is further enhanced by the unique chocolatey aroma.

Rodex is a wholewheat bait that uses Bromadiolone, an anticoagulant that is known as a “super-warfarin” because of its potency and tendency to gather in the liver of pests before taking effect. Each pack contains 150 grams of bait that should be used in a tamper proof bait box. The size of the infestation will determine how many sachets you will need. For a large infestation, you’ll need 5-10 sachets. For a smaller infestation, 3-4 sachets should be sufficient. 


  • Highlight palatable to pests
  • Smells better than some other poisons
  • Formulated to inhibit bacteria or fungi growth if it gets damp  
  • Compatible with many bait stations 
  • Can be used near sewers and waterways
  • Residential and professional use 


  • Will need to purchase multiple packs depending on infestation size   
  • Can harm non-target animals 

Who Is This Rat Poison For?

Rodex has been approved for amateur use, so it can be used by homeowners to handle an infestation on their own. It can also be used by professionals but does not require the certificate for purchase.  


The foul odour of some rat poisons can be a downfall; so the chocolatey smell of Rodex makes it easier on the senses. Unfortunately, odourless bait doesn’t yet exist, but this is a good compromise. 

The wholewheat solution is great if you have a rodent population feeding on whole grain foodstuffs. Overall, this is an amateur-friendly poison that has a proven track record of effectiveness. 


The Sapphire Grain 25 to 150g pouch is an all-in-one solution for eliminating rodents with a single feed. Its uniquely formulated oat grain is a blend of premium-grade oats and cereals with added attractants that lures rodents. It offers proven effectiveness in the most challenging environments including in and around buildings.

This solution is packed with 25g of sachets to ensure the bait is as fresh as possible. It offers three bait points, making it suitable for medium to high infestations. Targeted placement of the sachets lets you control infestations quickly.

Once the rodent problem is under control, you’ll need to withdraw and dispose of it properly to prevent it from reaching other animals.


  • Potent enough to kill rodents within a single feed
  • Safe to use around commercial and residential buildings
  • Fresh ingredients to ensure it attracts bait quickly
  • Eliminates medium to high infestations
  • Bright blue pouches ensure it's easy to spot


  • Requires a tamper-proof bait station since it can be harmful to other farm animals
  • Can dissolve under wet conditions
  • Must dispose of properly once rodents have taken the bait for safety precautions

Who Is This Rat Poison For?

The Sapphire Grain rodent solution is primarily for areas with a rat and mouse infestation. With multiple bait points and a low price, it’s affordable for homes, small-scale farms and large-scale operations alike. It’s excellent if you want a fast, all-in-one solution, thanks to the ingredient Brodifacoum, which kills rodents with a single feed. Using these small pouches, you can place them in various bait points inside and outside of your building.


Sapphire Grain is an affordable solution that effectively eliminates rodents and is available for purchase by the general public, you don’t need a licence. Its sachets keep the grains fresh so the bait will last a long time. With up to ten pouches, you can quickly eliminate your rodents and replenish the bait when taken.

5. Roban Pasta Bait

Roban Pasta Bait is a balanced combination of culinary grade chopped grain, synthetic peanut flavouring, wheat flour, and soft lard. This blend creates a high energy, high calorie feed that is laced with difenacoum to act as an anticoagulant poison. Synthetic peanut flavourings mean the poison can be used in sensitive locations where products with nuts would not be otherwise authorized.

The blend creates a mix of flavours and added adjuvants that lure in rodents to increase bait ‘take’ which then allows difenacoum to get to work. Roban Pasta Bait is very effective and palatable. The unique high energy content serves to make it particularly effective in cold situations or in places where pests have stopped taking other baits. 


  • Approved for residential use  
  • Great for controlling infestations in and around buildings 
  • Synthetic peanut flavouring safe to use if nut allergies are an issue 
  • Ideal if you need to tempt pests away from other food sources  


  • Large infestations will require more sachets 
  • Secondary poison is a risk   

Who Is This Rat Poison For?

While this can be used by residential homeowners and amateurs, we advise always doing so with caution. You will need to set bait points and monitor the intake. Once bait-take has stopped you need to safely dispose of leftover bait and the bait stations. Residential users should always thoroughly read the label before use.    


Roban makes a meal out of poison with this pasta bait. A stand-out feature here is the high energy content and calorie intake presented to pests. While it might seem counterintuitive to provide a high energy food source to pests, it lures them in to take the poison. This is proven to be effective in cold weather conditions and sometimes in scenarios where rodents decline other bait types. 


Commercial Rat Poisons 

These next few options are recommended for professional use only and a majority of them can only be purchased if you have the Approved Certification for Rodenticide Use. 

The UK Rodenticide Stewardship Regime monitors the purchase of anticoagulant rodenticides and requires a declaration that products are being purchased for professionals, like farmers, gamekeepers, and pest controllers. Fortunately, the certification will only need to be proven on the first purchase. 

As the requirement indicates, these next few options are serious business and should only be purchased by professionals to control rats and mice. 

1. Vertox Whole Wheat Bait

This ready-for-use bait is from a pest expert formula with food-grade micronized wheat. The micronisation is created to prevent germination and jumpstarts the conversion of starches to sugars. This sweetens the bait to increase the allure for rats and mice. It has both brodifacoum and denatonium benzoate as active ingredients.  

The unique aroma is Vertox Whole Wheat is a chocolatey smell with taste adjuvants to improve bait “take.” The bio-stats of the poison prevents the growth of bacteria or fungi if the rat bait becomes damp. It is highly effective and works well if the rodent infestation is feeding on whole-grain foodstuffs.  


  • Highly palatable and effective 
  • Applicable in indoor and outdoor settings  
  • Unique chocolatey smell 


  • Can cause secondary poisoning in non-target populations  
  • Do not use around pregnant women as it can harm unborn children 

Who Is This Rat Poison For?

This product requires the Approved Certification, so it is a rat killer only for professionals. Visit the Rodenticide Law section of the Dalton Engineering site to learn more about this requirement. Professional users are also well-trained on how to safely handle and store these products.  


Some poisons cannot handle damp conditions and become useless if it gets wet. This is not the case for this rat poison! The resiliency of Vertox Whole Wheat Bait is worth the investment for professional users. 

In addition to the resiliency, the chemical compounds create a palatable product that is remarkably effective, sometimes working after just a single feed. The effectiveness helps kill rats and manage rodent infestations with relative ease, which is the goal after all!  

2. Sapphire Paste – Rat & Mouse Killer

Here is the Sapphire Paste, available in a 5-kilogram container offering 500 sachets of paste with 10 grams each. Each sachet is filled with a blue paste blended with premium grade cereals and highly attractive peanut butter oils. It comes from a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in France and uses brodifacoum.  

This effective paste can take effect with just one feed in even the most difficult of environments. It is recommended for indoor use with a secure bait station. You just need to place one to six sachets per bait station and wait for it to draw in the pests. 

Another pro to Sapphire Paste is the semi-liquid nature of the paste. Mice rely on their food for liquid, and the paste has this. It serves as a bonus factor to draw them into the poison bait. 


  • Highly effective   
  • 500 sachets in one 5-kilogram container  
  • Mice rely on food for liquids, which the paste provides  
  • Economically friendly 


  • Toxic to aquatic life  
  • Primarily for indoor use   
  • Toxic and sometimes lethal to non-target animals  

Who Is This Rat Poison For?

Approved professionals can utilise this product with appropriate personal protective equipment, like chemically resistant gloves. The high toxicity and lethal effectiveness produce a rat killer product that should be placed and handled by professionals.  


Sapphire Paste works and does not disappoint. Professionals get their money’s worth with this economically friendly solution. Just one five-kilogram container has 500 sachets to place in bait stations. 

Even if you place the maximum recommendation of six sachets per bait station, that is enough for at least 83 traps. As a product for professionals, this is a good investment. Combine this with the highly effective pest expert formula within the paste, and it is clear why this is one of the best rat poisons.

3. Black Pearl Mouse Killer

This is one of the newest products in the UK markets. It has Alphachloralose as the base and is the only non-anticoagulant poison in the UK. It is designed to kill rats quickly, and infestations can be controlled in as little as one to three days. Unlike some other poisons, there is very little danger of secondary toxicity if the dead animals are consumed by another predator.  

It has new active capsulation technology where the active ingredient uses a coat of continuous polymeric material film. When the mice intake the rat bait, they unwittingly ingest alphacholarlose with no taste or initial side effects. The shell remains intact when eaten and then dissolves in the bloodstream and emits a lethal dose. The creatures are then immobilized and go into a coma. The alphachloralose stays in the bloodstream and does not affect secondary predators.  


  • Formulated to control infestations within 24-28 hours  
  • Reduced risk of secondary poisoning  
  • Only a small amount needed to be effective  
  • Affordable price  


  • Dose is lethal to pests, including non-target animals   
  • Should not be exposed or used around water 
  • Dangerous to aquatic life  

Who Is This Rat Poison For?

Professionals can use the Black Pearl Mouse Killer with Approved Certification and with proper safety precautions. This brand is one that does not respond well to water, so it should be used in dry conditions. Professionals should wear chemically resistant gloves while handling this rat killer.  


The Black Pearl Mouse Killer is unique for its role as the only non-anticoagulant option in the UK. Its design to send the pest into a coma might seem more humane than the anti-coagulant options that are more commonly found on the market for rodent control. This product gets thumbs up for being unique as well as lethally effective. Keep an eye on it, though, since that lethal dose can be harmful to non-target populations without medical interventions.


Ruby Grain contains 10kg of multi-feed active Difenacoum that gives users the peace of mind to treat rodent infestation in sensitive areas where animals or children may be present. However, it must be placed safely inside bait stations for safety precautions. Make sure to check and replenish the Ruby Grain every few days.

The active ingredient is much less toxic than other active ingredients in rat poison, making it safer. However, you may need multiple feeds to hit a lethal dose for a large infestation of rats.

It’s made with professional-grade whole wheat and additives, making it highly palatable and attractive to lure in rodents nearby. Furthermore, manufacturers have used premium milling-grade grain, which prevents germination.


  • Safe enough to use on farms where other domestic animals or children are present
  • More cost-effective than pouches
  • Whole-grain ingredients make it more palatable and attractive for rodents
  • Can be placed in and around buildings


  • Must be placed within a bait station
  • Requires frequent replenishing if you have a large rat infestation
  • Only available for supply to Professionals

Who Is This Rat Poison For?

This rodent solution is ideal for dealing with infestations on properties that also have to consider the health and safety of non-rodents, such as domestic animals, farm animals, and people. It’s still a potent solution, with 100mg of bait sufficient for killing four to six mice or one rat. That means it takes more to kill rats than mice. The rodenticide can easily fit into a bait station or tamper-proof bait box, so you can effectively keep wildlife safe.


The Ruby Whole Grain is one of the best-selling rodent solutions on the market. It contains irresistible aniseed and premium whole-grain wheat to attract more rodents with fewer grains. However, its lower potency, based on the use of Difenacoum, means that you may need more grains to handle larger rat infestations. It’s an excellent solution for dealing with a mice infestation and reducing the risk of harm to domestic animals, farm life, and children.

What to Keep in Mind Before Buying Rat Poisons 

It's likely you have questions when it comes down to buying rat poison. Through research and advice from pest experts, we've gathered answers to common questions and considerations. If you do not see your questions here, simply reach out, and our experts will help you find the right solution!  

How Does Rat Poison Work? 

The answer to this will vary based on the type of poison. Some types have the toxin bromethalin, which targets the mitochondria of the rodent cells and inhibits the ability to produce energy. This ultimately shuts down their body altogether.  

Another type contains zinc phosphide, which is only for agricultural use and should not be used in domestic environments. It causes a reaction in the stomach acid, producing toxic gases until death.  

A third type of poison has calcium releasers to inflate the bloodstream with excessive calcium to cause organ failure and death. A common calcium releaser is vitamin D3, which carries no risk of secondary poison. This is good news if you have predators about, like a pet cat, because it will not harm them and has a minimal ecological impact outside of the rodent.  

A final type of rat poison works by causing internal bleeding through anticoagulants. It creates a slow death and needs a high dosage to work. The rat might need to consume several doses before it takes effect. There is a high risk of collateral damage with this poison because it is not specific to rodents and can cause death for other small animals and health issues in larger animals.  

With the risk to other animals, anti-coagulants might seem like the poison to avoid. Sometimes anti-coagulants are the only options for toxin-resistant rats, like the Norway species. This species has built a resistance to non-toxic ingredients and requires a strong dose of poison to be effective.  

How Long Does It Take for Rat Poison to Work? 

The time needed for the poison to take effect will vary based on the type and age of poison and the size of the rat. Older rat poisons that have been left out for a while will generally be less effective and take longer to work. Most poisons will need about two to three days before taking effect, given the rodent has ingested enough of the poison. A realistic timeline is four to six days. Some of the most effective poisons will start to take effect after just a single feed.  

If time is not on your side, you can speed the process up by trying to increase the dosage amount and getting the rat to ingest the poison. You can do this by removing spoiled poison, removing other potential food sources, and finding optimal placement for it. Be sure to keep it in the same place because rodents will be attracted to familiarity, shying away from an unknown food source.

Consider consulting a pest expert if you need to speed up the process and change doses.  

Is Rat Poison Cruel? 

Handling an infestation of any kind can be a struggle. While rat poison is effective, it may not feel like the most humane method to use rat poison. If you are interested in other methods to kill rats and control the infestation, consider these routes:  

  • Spring traps, but only if they catch the rodent neatly, which is not always the case  
  • Blunt force, which would require trapping the rodent first and working quickly 

How Do You Get Rid of Rats Without Harming Other Animals? 

In your quest to live free of rats and mice, you do not want to run the risk of hurting cats, dogs, free-roaming pets, or innocent animals that may stumble on your trap. This includes keeping animals from the poison and keeping predators from the rats after they have been poisoned. If you are in a residential setting with family pets or small children, consider finding a non-toxic route to clearing the rodent infestation.  

Rat poisons are designed to kill and use unpleasant toxins to do this. Some poisons are formulated as specific to rodents and will not affect other animals. Most will have broad-spectrum toxins that will cause illness or death in animals that consume it.  

Secondary poison can also be a risk factor. If the rat eats the poison and is then eaten by a predator, the poison can enter the animal's bloodstream. Using rat poisons without caution can create a significant ecological impact. 

So, to keep safe, read, and follow the safety directions on the packaging. These directions are required, and if they are not present, the product is not safe to use and should not be purchased. Follow the statutory label for instructions on use. This is a legal obligation.  

Does Rat Poison Have an Odour? 

The rat poison's effectiveness depends on its ability to lure the rats in, so the odor is actually a benefit. So, yes, all rat poison will have an odor, typically a strong-garlic smell deriving from the phosphine.  

Can You Use Mouse Bait Without the Station? 

Pretty much all rat poison companies and brands will advise a bait station. In fact, in some places, it is required by law when baiting rodents. These devices help make distribution safer, and most are built to be easy to use. As mentioned, it can be quite dangerous to children and animals, so bait boxes help prevent the poison from being consumed by those who it should not be around it.  

Where Do Rats Die After Eating Poison? 

Unfortunately, while remarkably effective at helping to distribute poison, the bait boxes are not where the rats will eventually die. They will likely crawl into their nests or other hiding places and remain there when the poison takes effect. This means they may die within walls, in attics, and other hard to reach areas. 

The downside to controlling a rat infestation is handling the end result. This should always be done with care. Decomposing rats and mice will emit a powerful and unpleasant odor. It is essential to find the bodies quickly. Since some poisons do not work immediately, they can easily crawl to their nests and other hidden crevices to die. 

Dead rodents should not be disposed of with bare hands. They should be double-bagged and placed into domestic waste or incinerated by a licensed incinerator. Do not bury them because foxes, dogs, and badgers can dig them up to eat and suffer secondary poisoning. Professional exterminators can always help to dispose of them safely and carefully.  

Do Rat Poisons Expire?  

The short answer is yes, they do. All bait poisons have an expiry date, so check the packaging for that. It will become less effective as time goes on, but it may work for a bit after the listed date. The concentration will begin to dilute over time and decrease effectiveness.  

What are the Risks of a Rat Infestation?  

Rats have a long and storied history of spreading infections, plagues, and other diseases everywhere they go. Typhus is one such disease that can quickly make a comeback with a sizable rat problem. 

The issue with rat infestations is that for every rat you see, hundreds more can be lurking by. They reproduce quickly and frequently, creating a rapid population growth that can quickly develop into a large problem and be difficult to get rid of. This can expand from health risks to property damage in no time. 

Some major health and safety risks from an infestation include: 

  • Salmonella  
  • Weil's disease 
  • Bites to livestock  
  • Damage to crops, particularly wheats and grains  
  • Property damage  
  • Electrical wiring damage/fire risk 
  • Building structure compromised 
  • Chewed water pipes  
  • Damage to rugs, tack, clothing, blankets, etc. 
  • Reputation (no one wants to see a mouse or rat running in the building)  

This is just a glimpse into the issues that can quickly scurry into your life when rats begin to make their home on your land. Do yourself a favor and handle it before it gets out of control by investing in one of the best rat poisons to kill rats.  


Whether you are a professional or considering amateur use of poison, be careful. Always read the labels and hazard instructions carefully before you use rat poison, store the poison in a dry, secure environment, and consult a pest expert at Dalton Engineering before buying. We can help you find the best rat poisons.  

If you have small animals around your home or live somewhere with a lot of local wildlife, like birds and deer, ask about products that will not cause secondary poisoning. This is a preventative measure to help mitigate ecological harm to the surrounding area.  

How are you handling your pest problem? Remember your infestation will vary based on where you are and what your needs look like. Homeowners and farmers will have completely different needs to get rid of rodents, mice, and rats. 

For example, a farmer will probably need stronger-acting poison that works after a single feed to protect crops and livestock. A homeowner might want something slower and safer just in case curious pets or children accidentally ingest it. 

We hope these products help you find the best rat poison to clear away your problems and alleviate the stress of an infestation in your home, business, restaurant, or farm.