Automatic Poultry Watering Systems

At Dalton, we're poultry farming experts - and drinking systems are one aspect of our expertise. When you have chickens, there are a lot of little mouths to water - especially with the number of farms rising across the UK. That's why you need the correct equipment that will help you to automate watering.

We have a complete range of drinkers to suit single birds up to many thousands of broilers. Furthermore, you'll find automatic flushing systems, and everything else you need for the perfect watering system that meets regulations.

What Are Automatic Poultry Watering Systems?

Today's automatic drinkers are what they say on the tin: genuinely automatic. Gone are the days of filling and refilling a tank. Now, you can hook your watering system up to a hose and rely on a float valve to detect the water level and refill as required or have a bespoke fitted system.

Types of Automatic Poultry Watering Products

Nipple Systems

A nipple drinker is a stainless-steel pin, activated by the birds, to release water. The nipple is expertly drilled into to a plastic tube and made into 3m sections. As a guide it is 10 birds per 1 nipple.

Cup Systems

Cup systems fit onto a bucket and are self-filling; your chickens won't need to peck to hydrate.

Bell Systems

The bell drinker can connect to the water supply for ultimate ease, where water distributes evenly so multiple chickens can drink at once. As a guide 100 birds per bell drinker.

Misting Systems

High pressure misting systems work to cool your chickens by spraying a fine mist into the incoming air stream, this water evaporates and cools the air. The system is controlled by either temperature or humidity.


How do automatic poultry watering systems work?

The water is stored in a tank and is pumped to the end of line regulator. The regulator reduces the pressure to around 0.3 bar. Along the drinker lines are a series of stainless steel nipples which are activated by the birds pecking at them.

How to choose the right automatic poultry watering system for my farm?

Consider the space you have available and the number of birds.

How do you make a self-watering system for chickens?

Use a bucket, drill holes in the bottom, and screw in the nipples, It's easy!

What's the best waterer for chickens?

Nipple drinkers work best as waterers for chickens.

How much water do 12 chickens need per day?

Around 2.4 litres per day for all 12 chickens.

How to install automatic poultry watering systems?

Ensure it is around 15 centimetres above the ground so the bird has to look up to the nipple. This ensures the water goes into the chicken and isn’t built.

How to maintain and clean automatic poultry watering systems?

Flush the system regularly to stop the build up of bio film. Don’t use clear plastic containers as the sunlight will cause algae to build up.