Big Cheese

Rodents are the scourge of any farm. They can get into just about anywhere, eat everything, and are quite challenging to get rid of. Worst of all, they can mean big trouble for your animals.  

We are proud to carry Big Cheese brand rodent solutions. These products are great because they don’t include any poisons or harmful chemicals that could impact your other animals. 

Mice and rats can carry infected ticks, fleas, lice, and mites to your animals. These disease-riddled pests can spread rapidly through your pen and decimate your stock. Rodents have also been known to prey on baby chicks and even nibble on the feet of sleeping adult birds.

We stock several varieties of Big Cheese mouse and rat traps, from conventional Spring Traps to Electronic Rat Killers. Worried about catching your fingers while setting the trap? Check out our Pre-Baited Mouse Trap.

Mice and rats are also notorious for causing structural damage. They’ll chew through anything, including walls and even wiring. Prevent holes and electrical damage with our Anti-Rodent Lacquer. This quick-drying spray forms a hard film over the treated area, discouraging rodents from biting. It’s made from natural plant oils and safe for use on farms and in homes.