Poultry Farming Brooder

At Dalton, we supply brooders to ensure the happiness and health of your poultry. Whether you opt for the Comfort Heating Plate For Chickens or the Corner Heating Plate, our range of sizes means you can find a brooder most suited to your space. 

With adjustable height, enhanced insulation, and low energy costs, these brooding plates are an excellent product for anyone looking to keep their chicks warm in a safe environment. Solid and long-lasting, the brooders supplied by Dalton aim to keep expenses low and customer satisfaction high. So discover what we offer today and keep your birds warm with ease! 

What Are Brooders?

Brooders are an absolute necessity for anyone looking to raise chicks. These systems keep poultry warm during their early developmental stages when they can't control their body temperatures. Whatever shape they take, brooders keep chicks warm by mimicking the heat source they usually find in nature. 

Types of Brooder Products

Electric Brooders

Typically hanging over the chicks’ heads, the electric systems or lamps supply a heat source to keep the chicks warm. While white light is popular, it can disrupt the chicks’ sleep patterns as the electric brooder emits light and heat - unlike an infrared alternative.

Gas Brooders

Gas brooders, such as the Gasolec brooders, will convert natural gases or methane into a heat source for your chicks. As with electric lamps, gas brooders often take the same form and hang above your chicks to keep them cozy. They’re typically easy to use and can also have infrared features.

Infrared Brooders

These are a great choice as the infrared emitted produces heat without white light, meaning your chicks go undisturbed. There are also next to no safety concerns with infrared as infrared works by warming the surrounding air rather than objects, creating a natural heating process.

Commercial Brooders

Commercial structures have the space for many chicks while still supplying heat. These vary in shape and size and will use different heating methods, such as gas, infrared, or a combination.

Stationary Brooders

Stationary brooders are typically easier to insulate as they remain fixed, making them great for monitoring. However, these systems can be more challenging when it comes to cleaning.

Portable Brooders

Portable or mobile structures are significant on a small scale. For example, heating plates are excellent if you don’t have a significant structural brooder to move around. The portable option is perfect if you’re only rearing a handful of chicks. By making your brooder mobile, you can also move the chicks seasonally. 


How do I choose the suitable brooder for my poultry farm?

This depends on how many chicks you have or plan to have and what the conditions are like on your farm. However, while you can choose flexibly, it’s been noted that infrared features are essential in keeping chicks happy and without disturbed sleep.

Where can I buy brooders and other poultry farming equipment?

At Dalton, we have an extensive range of farming equipment and brooders, so you can shop for all your farming needs in one place. Discover what Dalton has to offer today!