Ear Protection Equipment

Just as you need to protect your eyes to preserve your sense of sight, you need to protect your ears during certain work activities, projects, and recreational events to preserve your sense of hearing.

Wearing the right ear protection will help prevent serious injury to your ears. This means you can enjoy doing what you do - whether that's playing a very loud instrument at a concert, shooting guns, or working in construction - without having to worry about losing your hearing in the process.

When to Wear Ear Protection

There are many instances in which wearing ear-protecting products is necessary. For example, just as you'd wear disposable dust masks and eye protection when sawing for construction, you should wear earplugs or earmuffs to protect your hearing from loud equipment like motorised saws.

Put simply, you should wear ear protection whenever you're going to be in a loud, noisy environment. If you use loud tools and equipment, ride a motorcycle, use firearms, or perform at or attend concerts, you can purchase earplugs that go directly into the ears or earmuffs that cover the ears.

Purchasing the Right Products

There are a variety of products available, so you can choose the ones that feel most comfortable and are most convenient to you. For example, you can purchase banded earplugs, disposable earplugs, or corded earplugs.

But when earplugs won't adequately protect your ears because you'll be exposed to extremely loud noise, it's best to go with earmuffs that will cover your ears entirely and further protect your eardrums from damage.

Need Help Choosing the Right Product?

If you're unsure of what ear protective gear you should purchase, contact us to speak with an expert who can steer you in the right direction.

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