Whether you are raising a handful of chickens or a whole barn’s worth of pheasants, you’re going to need some supplement heating. An essential part of taking care of chicks and young birds is keeping them warm when they can’t regulate their own body temperature. That’s why we have a whole range of products to help you keep your poultry happy and healthy.

If you need maintenance or a new part for a heating implement, we have a range of Gasolec products for you to choose from. 

The range covers different sizes and wattages of brooders. These brooders also have different filters, so you can pick exactly what you need for your animals. On top of this, we sell safety devices and thermo-units, along with other essential items. 

With Dalton, you can completely customise and have control over your heating units. Shop the range today and send us a message if you’re looking for a specific part!