Kärcher Tools & Equipment

Kärcher, a renowned family-owned German brand, has gained worldwide acclaim for its exceptional contributions to cleanliness and maintenance. Known for innovative solutions like pressure washers, window vacuum cleaners, and the revolutionary FC 5 Hard Floor Cleaner, this brand transcends traditional cleaning into an art form. 

Kärcher products attract a diverse range of users spanning various industries. Homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts appreciate the brand's innovative solutions for maintaining residences and outdoor spaces. Cleaning contractors and facility management professionals rely on commercial-grade equipment to uphold cleanliness in offices, hotels, and public areas. 

With a broad spectrum of offerings, our range of Kärcher equipment caters to the needs of people across different walks of life, emphasising the brand's versatility and universal appeal. They have established a stellar reputation for producing high-quality, innovative, and reliable cleaning equipment for over eight decades. Their commitment to excellence and continuous improvement is reflected in the durability and performance of their products.

Beyond household cleaning tools, Kärcher offers a comprehensive and impressive line of professional cleaning equipment catering to different requirements. In sectors like construction, where equipment endures constant wear from grit and dust, ensuring longevity and performance necessitates diligent cleaning and maintenance. Kärcher places utmost importance on integrating thorough equipment care into the use of their products.

At Dalton, we guarantee customers access to an authorised and official Kärcher Collection with a legacy of superior service, comprehensive product knowledge, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. It's ideal for those looking for a reliable and supportive partner in their cleaning equipment needs. Browse our collection of Kärcher cleaning equipment today and benefit from free delivery on orders over £250 (conditions apply).