Farming Measurement Tools

Managing a poultry farm is a tall order. You've got endless responsibilities like daily feeding, cleaning, and health checks. That doesn't include maintaining egg production and monitoring growth rates.

If you want to measure the performance of your flock and optimise living conditions, you'll need the right measurement tools. 

At Dalton Engineering, we offer a wide selection of farm measurement tools to provide farm owners like you with accurate insights.  

Imagine having real-time information at your fingertips. Our DOL 12 Temperature Sensor ensures you're aware of temperature changes that could impact your flock's well-being. The DOL 119 New Generation CO2 Sensor monitors air quality, which can help prevent respiratory issues or other airborne diseases. 

What about your bird's weight? The Electro Samson Bird Weighing scales track poultry weight precisely, facilitating health assessment and growth monitoring.

As a farm owner, you can quickly respond to fluctuations in environmental conditions, reducing the birds' stress. These tools help remove the guesswork from your farm management, allowing you to optimise feed distribution, ventilation, lighting conditions, and improve air quality.

Order our farm measurement tools today and get free shipping when you spend £250 or more!