Mist Cooling Systems & Equipment

At Dalton Engineering, we understand that your chickens' wellbeing is just as important as their physical environment. An effective mist cooling system helps regulate temperatures to minimise stress and create a more comfortable setting for your chickens.

Stress caused by excessive heat is agrowing problem for many poultry farmers. Their chickens become increasingly uncomfortable due to their close living quarters, which directly impacts their product quality. This could include reduced egg production, growth rates, and potentially even death.

Misting systems work to reduce heat stress on your farm drastically. This will lead to happier chickens, better living circumstances, and ultimately greater productivity. British summers continue to get hotter, so you need to protect your chickens from the growing humidity.

We sell everything you need to install effective mist cooling systems to improve your poultry farm. This includes the piping, filter, and replacement nozzles. They are not difficult to assemble and can easily be modified to meet your shed's specific requirements!