Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Explore tons of options of effective masks, overshoes, overboots, gloves, coveralls, waistcoats, disposable earplugs, and more in our vast Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) collection. Available in a variety of sizes, these products are designed for safety and protection on the job. Many of our disposable products come in large bulk packs containing 50 pairs in one convenient order.

Are you worried about the potential danger in low-light circumstances? Try the Hi-Vis Waistcoat, which comes in yellow and is the perfect reflective identifier.

For face masks that cover the mouth and nose, be sure to consider the purpose of the mask to ensure that you are buying an effective model. The Moldex 7000 is perfect for guarding against vapour, gas, or dust. The Moldex Particulate Respirator with valve, on the other hand, is an ideal choice for mitigating the amount of carcinogenic dust, aerosols, and fumes that are transmitted to your lungs through your mouth and nose as you breathe.

At Dalton Engineering, we offer free shipping on orders of £250 or more, so be sure to access savings with bulk shopping.