Misc Plumbing

If you need durable miscellaneous plumbing equipment, you have come to the right place. With the variety expected of a typical Dalton Engineering collection, you can find products ranging from washers, clear PVC hoses, and valves to glues and silicone greases and sprays. It is truly a comprehensive supply of anything you could need in a plumbing scenario.

Choose between varying sizes of high-quality brass pressure relief valves and rubber washers to find your exact fit. At Dalton Engineering, we have the variety to provide precisely the product you need.

Need something that is okay in damp conditions? Try the fast-curing Glue WetRdry. Are you looking for a good glue for PVC pipe? This collection offers universal glue for up to 16 bars in a convenient but substantial 125ml tube for easy use.

Today, access free shipping by ordering a minimum of £250 on your next delivery of miscellaneous plumbing equipment from Dalton Engineering. You can even get next-day delivery made available in some cases, also for free. Be sure that the package is less than 100kg to qualify for this free shipping benefit.