Poultry Enrichment

Birds are like any other animal. They can get bored and stressed, leading to various health problems.

That's where poultry enrichment comes into play. At Dalton Engineering, we're here to help elevate your farming experience with our wide range of enrichment solutions. These are proven to enhance your feathered friends' natural behaviours and well-being. 

Stressed birds often exhibit lower egg production and reduced growth rates, directly affecting your bottom line. 

We recommend trying our various enrichment solutions. For example, the Well Bird Pecking Block encourages natural pecking behaviours reducing boredom and stress in chickens. The Lucerne-Alfalfa promotes physical activity and is essential for beak health. 

We also have a wide range of unique pecking stones with different textures and objects to give chickens more opportunities to interact. That means better mental stimulation, beak health, and overall well-being. 

Generally, these objects involve pecking at various objects to find grains, seeds, insects, and other editable items. Check out our products that range from pecking blocks to hanging nets – all carefully curated to enrich your poultry environment. 

If you're ready to invest in your chickens' health and the farm's success, order our poultry enrichment products today. Also, get free shipping when you place an order of £250 or more!