Poultry Waterers

At Dalton, we want to give you as many options as possible so that you can find the perfect poultry waterer for your birds. Whether you choose the beloved AviAqua 8lt Drinker with three drinking points to provide fresh, clean water or the trusty Plasson Broiler Drinker that’ll stand the test with more aggressive birds, Dalton’s got you covered.

With our vast range of poultry waterers and accompanying parts, you can find a waterer and features to suit your budget with products ranging from branded to unbranded. So discover what Dalton has in store for your birds today!

What Are Poultry Waterers?

In their simplest form, poultry waterers are the vessels or systems by which your birds get their water. The design of waterers can be straightforward and come in plastic and metal, while some waterers will feature spouts or nipples.

Types of Poultry Waterer Products

Gravity-Fed Waterers

The most commonly used, gravity-fed waterers are great if you don’t want to worry about freezing pipes or water pressure come the winter. These waterers, like the Poultry Font Drinker, are excellent if you’re looking for a sturdy waterer on a budget.

Automatic Waterers

Automatic waterers are ideal if you’re tired of refilling your birds’ water daily. Once set up, the automatic waterer will fill once your poultry has consumed water. While these waterers require time and energy during the assembly, they save you time and energy later on. 

Manual Waterers

With products like the AviAqua system, you can manually provide your birds with clean water from three different spaces, giving your poultry easier access. And with specially designed colours, very little sunlight gets in contact with the water, avoiding algae growth.

Nipple Waterers

Often when keeping poultry, there’s an undeniable amount of daily cleaning involved - but nipple waterers make life easier. Because the system will only release water when the nipple is touched, you save yourself from an unnecessary mess. 

Plasson Broiler Drinker

The Plasson Broiler Drinker is a long-loved waterer for its ability to withstand the usual wear and tear while providing water efficiently. This industry favourite features adjustable height and an easy-to-change pressure regulator. 

Turkey Nipple Drinker

As well as having all the advantages of a standard nipple drinker, turkeys brooded on nipple drinkers tend to have improved feed and overall bird health. 


Is plastic or galvanized chicken waterer better?

At Dalton, plastic and galvanized chicken waterers will provide your chickens with clean water. However, it depends on what you’re looking for: most poultry owners opt for plastic for its affordability.

How long does a 5-gallon bucket of water last for chickens?

The more chickens, the more water you'll need. However, if a chicken needs about a pint of water daily (depending on temperature), a 5-gallon bucket will last three hens for approximately two weeks without refilling.

Do chickens prefer warm or cold water?

Chickens prefer cold water, as it helps to regulate their body temperatures. 

How do I keep algae from growing in my chicken waterer?

Over time, sunlight will aid the formation of algae, which is dangerous for your chickens to ingest. Purchase a waterer that uses colours to combat sunlight, then keep the water out of sunlight as much as possible.