Rainwater Harvesting

Did you know harvesting rainwater can save you money when supplying water for harvesting crops and livestock? As rainwater is naturally soft, it’s also farmers' preferred water for crops and livestock. If you require a Rainwater Harvesting Tank, Dalton Engineering can help you find your perfect fit today.

Whether for domestic or commercial use, these tanks are necessary for water storage in a Rainwater Harvesting System. Also known as vertical or water storage tanks, the rainwater harvesting tanks in our selection come in various sizes depending on your desired volume. 

An absolute necessity for any rainwater harvesting system is that the water remains clean, so rust can pose a problem. All our tanks are 100% rust-proof, and we’re so confident in these tanks’ durability that they come with a ten-year guarantee, just in case you’re not satisfied with their performance.

We have a great range of sizes from 1,000-litre capacity slimline rainwater harvesting tanks all the way up to 25,000 litres. So whether your system is big or small, we have a tank for you!