Spin Feeding

Are your birds seeing inadequate growth or poor egg production? If so, you’re probably overfeeding or underfeeding your birds. Manual feeders are prone to human error. 

At Dalton Engineering, our spin feeders are designed to automatically distribute feed to chickens, hens, and other poultry animals. Not only that, you can dispense feed at specific intervals and spread patterns from 7 to 25 meters. 

With our spin feeder, you’ll reduce feeding time and ensure uniform growth. The feeders integrate into various building structures, making them suitable for just about any poultry shed. 

We also offer everything you need to power your spin feeders. Equip your spin feeders with the appropriate gearboxes to achieve the desired rotational speed and feed distribution. Our gearbox options include the 800RPM and 600RPM models, designed to work with specific setups. 

But what if your spin feeder runs out of power? No worries! We’ve got replacement motors to replace malfunctioning or worn-out motors, engineered to deliver the required power output needed for seamless feed distribution. 

Uniform distribution is absolutely vital in preventing aggressive birds from monopolising food. Spin feeders are a must-have, giving your birds access to food without causing waste or overconsumption. 

Order our spin feeder or replacement parts today, and enjoy free shipping for purchases over £250.