Farming Ventilation Systems

Ventilation is crucial in order to sustain life, supplying fresh air to your poultry livestock and regulating temperature, humidity and air contamination. Poultry farm ventilation systems can be divided largely in to two groups, mechanical air movement and natural airflow systems.

Mechanical systems make use of fans, creating either balanced or negative pressure depending on the system deployed. Negative pressure systems expel air from the building pulling in fresh air from outside via inlets. Balanced pressure systems draw in air to the building using inlet chimney fans in the roof, these generally have diffusers on them to prevent cold blasts in specific points on the floor, the pressure created causes air to move which escapes from exhaust chimneys with fans also positioned in the roof.

Natural ventilation works by the cooler air entering the building at low level either through pop-holes or inlets and escaping through a central open ridge in the shed roof. This type of ventilation is mainly used in free range production. Re-circulation fans can be used to keep the air moving.

We stock a wide range of fans, motors, inlets and thermostats. If you would like to discuss your poultry farm ventilation system in more detail, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help.