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Bulk Hoppers

Dalton offer the complete range of Bulk Hoppers from Collinson PLC, at very competative prices.
As the Collinson range is so vast we don't offer them on our web shop, for more details please contact us on 01845 578 325. We do however off a range of spare parts featured in this seciton.

Collinson Silo's offer:

  • Galvanised steel construction or a choice of 6 Plasteel finishes for long life. Plasteel colours can be selected to match your buildings, fit in with the surroundings or to comply with the requirements of the local planning authority. This finish also adds an additional protection layer in coastal locations
  • The filler pipe design enables a lock to be fitted so you can ensure the right product is delivered to the right silo, this is often required when medicated feeds are being delivered
  • Level indicators allow you to keep a visual check on how much feed is left in the silo, these are fitted as standard on Collinson Silos
  • To aid biosecurity on site, the autovent closes during pneumatic filling, diverting dust laden air away from the roof, which may otherwise attract birds and vermin. To enhance bio-security measures, fit a cyclone dust collector to the exhaust pipe to eliminate all dust
  • We also offer a complere range of Biomass Wood Pellet Storage Silo's