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Chain Feeding

Chain feeders are simple to set up and operate. They consist of a standard feed trough laid out in a circuit with 90 degree chain feeder corners. A chain feeder drive unit, sometimes called Independent drive units, propels the flat feed chain around the inside of the trough. As the chain is driven through the chain feeder hopper the feed drops on the feed chain and is then carried around the circuit.
Chain feeders can be set up on chain feeder 1 line legs and couplers which are height adjustable. Leg springs are used to locate the couplers in the legs.
Chain feeders can also be suspended using suspension couplers and a galvanised wire suspension system. Automatic or hand winches can be applied.
Drive units can be single track or twin track, single phase or 3 phase and a variety of chain speeds from 12m, 18m or 36m.