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FREE Delivery for orders over £250
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Product Description
The welfare of animals, particularly poultry, is at the heart of everything that Livetec Systems does. This includes thier latest product the Livetec Nex.

The Livetec Nex is classed as a Mechanical Neck Dislocation Device and is compliant with WATOK regulations. This means it can be used on birds up to 5kg and allows an individual to dispatch more than 70 birds per day for welfare culling.
Designed to fit between the index and middle finger, the specially positioned ridge creates a hard fulcrum with which to position the neck and, using the correct technique, it requires less strength than manual dislocation. ensuring a consistent and humane kill. Tested and approved, it is being used by many industry experts and large poultry companies, the consistent and humane dispatch ensures high welfare standards are kept.

Considerable research has been carried out in the UK and Canada in recent years to show that most of the ‘mechanical plier type’ devices on the market, that supposedly assist with cervical dislocation in poultry, are actually inhumane and may cause unnecessary suffering in birds. This is due to pliers crushing rather than dislocating, resulting in unnecessary injuries and asphyxiation. The Livetec Nex is a new, easy to use, hand-held device that achieves consistent and correct cervical neck dislocation in poultry. It has been developed following a 3-year PhD by Dr Jessica Martin of Edinburgh University, which was funded by the Humane Slaughter Association. The PhD looked at different methods for killing poultry and identified a new handheld device that was more consistent and quicker than manual cervical dislocation. Following on Jessica’s work Livetec Systems spent several years more in development and trials to create the product from its initial prototype design to the product today.

Commercial Poultry:
Game Birds:
Backyard flocks
WATOK regulations compliant
Allowed to be used for birds up to 5Kg
No restriction on culls per person per day when used
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