Hose Tails

What Are Hose Tails?

Running water is essential around any dairy or poultry farm - from livestock husbandry to clean animal areas and shelters. Hose tails join tube lengths together - or to additional equipment - using a simple connector or a specially formed joint.

They are sold in numerous sizes and designs, usually made of brass, polypropylene, and lubing. Plastics work well for cold flow options and withstand weathering, whereas brass fittings are durable and robust.

It's essential to understand how to buy the fittings. You can purchase hose tails with either male or external threading and female with internal threading. We recommend checking the threading on the unit or tube you want to connect to and buying the opposite so it’s compatible.

Types of Hose Tail Products

Water Hose Fittings

These come in a range of diameters in either brass or polypropylene and with a female or male thread. These fittings can be a straight connector or shaped like an elbow. A sealing washer helps ensure a snug fit.

Poultry Watering Hoses & Nipples

Chicken nipples are a device to give water to poultry with minimal mess and waste. The nipples screw into a bucket or poultry watering tube, releasing water when the bird pecks.

Keeping the environment dry for poultry is essential to promote bird health and protect against disease from damp bedding.

Plumbing Hose Tails

These fittings connect any pipes, tubes, or equipment to another. The fittings are non-permanent, allowing you to disconnect and move water supplies to any farm area at your convenience.

How To Use Hose Tails on the Farm

Moving stock around the farm means moving services so that animals and poultry can always access fresh water.

Hose tails help join water piping lengths together to enable you to reach locations without any other water source. They also aid in cleaning animal areas and buildings, as fresh water can easily pipe through to any location.

Hose tails can divide a single water pipe into two to run to separate areas and connect to other equipment. They also split a large-diameter tube into two smaller diameters to reduce and regulate water flow.

With an infinite range of hose tail sizes and designs, there’s no location on the farm you won’t be able to reach or equipment you cannot connect.

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