Manual Feeding

At Dalton Engineering, we understand that there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to choosing a manual feeder, which is why we carry an extensive range of options.

Feeder size is essential – you want a feeder that is big enough to keep all your animals fed but not so big that food is wasted. If you have larger birds like turkeys or geese, you may also want to opt for more extensive and heavier feeders to stop them from being knocked over. 

For chicks and smaller birds, you may want to choose a smaller and more accessible feeder. We have several shallow feed trays and spring feeders, which are also great for animal enrichment.

If your birds have an outdoor space, ensuring their food is protected from the elements is a good idea. There’s nothing worse than a feeder full of wet mushy feed. We’ve got it covered! We have several feeders that come with rain covers. We also offer stand-alone rain covers in case you ever need a replacement. 

You might also be interested in our feeding hoppers if you have a large farm. We offer 4.8 and 7.6-tonne TriStore Snackers and over 100 models of high-capacity Collinson hoppers, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.