Poultry Health

Get acquainted with our extensive selection of poultry health-related products. At Dalton Engineering Ltd, we're committed to providing our clients with the highest quality poultry equipment possible. We offer a wide range of products, including health supplements, tonics, pecking blocks, and more.

Help your chickens to manage their aggressive pecking behaviour and improve their beak health with one of our organic pecking blocks. These will allow your chickens to redirect their pecking urges to an inanimate object rather than their fellow birds. They also improve their overall well-being without affecting their diet.

We also offer a diverse variety of poultry health supplements. Our apple cider vinegar tonics are perfect for improving your chickens' respiration and overall health. At the same time, our StressLess Liquid supplement supplies them with vital minerals and electrolytes to help fight against stress caused by environmental factors such as heat.

You can find everything you need to purify your chicken's drinking water in our collection. Our chlorine tablets are perfect for fighting water-borne pathogens, and our Vac-Pac Plus sachets are also ideal for water stabilization.

Browse our collection online today for all of your poultry health needs!