Rodent Control Products

Protect Your Farm from Rodent Infestations with Our High-Quality Rodent Repellent and Pest Control Products.

From field to farm, farmers play an essential role in maintaining a healthy food chain. Indeed, it's vital to their success to invest in quality rodent control; the cost of infestation could be catastrophic to business goals. 

Rodents and farm owners have had a long history. As carriers of potentially 45 different diseases, rodents can contaminate livestock, humans, farm feed, and even water supplies. Furthermore, rodent infestations may cause structural damage, such as insulation or electrical faults. 

Protecting against rodent control is a crucial necessity for farmers. The health of their farm animals, buildings, equipment, and overall yield depends on it! Farmers work long hours to nurture their produce before harvest, but the stress of the cost of product contamination could be devastating for the entire food chain. Additionally, contamination of livestock may cause miscarriages or stunted growth in breeding animals.

While rodent control products are necessary for any farmer, finding the right products can be overwhelming. To further the potential for stress, low-quality rodenticides carry a risk of secondary poisoning in non-target animals or humans. Not good.

At Dalton Engineering, we offer highly-concentrated rodent repellents for long-lasting protection. Furthermore, they’re naturally safe for people and animals - and most importantly, they'll drive pesky rats off your farm. Our weather-resistant rodenticides can withstand both dry and wet areas without losing effectiveness. Browse our selection of rodent control products to prevent unwanted guests and protect your livestock from deadly contaminants.