Weighing Scales

Dive into our vast collection of weighing scales for all your poultry rearing needs, including bird, platform, and egg weighing scales. We understand that there’s a lot that goes into a poultry farm, which is why we offera wide range of products.

Checking your birds' weight is essential when rearing poultry for meat, and accuracy is crucial. Our bird weighing items can handle birds from 100gm to 25 kg, depending on the size you need.

We also feature several egg weighing scales to ensure the eggs your birds produce are healthy. Our products come with a special disc to keep the egg in place, so there are no messy accidents when performing the task.

We offer various hanging and flat-based scales for multiple purposes, including smaller equipment for 5kg up to larger scales for 100Kg.

Many of our weighing scale products go one sale, making any of these options an excellent value for anyone with a poultry farm. View our products to find what you’re looking for!