Eye Protection Equipment

Your eyes are incredibly important, however they can easily be injured during work, cleaning, DIY projects, and other activities. Serious eye injuries can result in loss of vision, but taking some simple steps, including wearing the proper eye protection, can help you save your eyes while you work or play.

When to Use Eye Protection

Eye protection should be employed whenever you're performing a task that can result in an object hitting your eye or getting into your eye. Whether you're working with chemicals or paint that may splatter into your eyes accidentally, or you're completing construction projects that involve activities such as sawing, grinding, sanding, etc., protective eyewear is necessary.

Individuals working in the healthcare industry also need goggles and glasses to protect their eyes from infectious diseases that can be transmitted by respiratory droplets, contaminated fingers, and blood that can all enter the eyes while caring for patients.

Causes of Eye Injuries

There are a variety of ways in which your eyes can become injured. A foreign object may scratch your cornea, oil or grease may splash into the eyes, steam can burn your eyes, and UV and infrared radiation can do damage. But the right goggles or glasses can protect you, even from harsh, bright light.

Purchase the Highest Quality Products

Just as you'd purchase a Delta Plus dust mask to protect your respiratory system from toxins, debris, and fine particulates that you'd otherwise inhale and that could harm your body, you want to be certain that you always wear the highest quality goggles or glasses for whatever project you're working on that could potentially injure the eyes.

When it comes to your eyes, you definitely don't want to compromise, so look for the glasses and/or goggles that fit your face just right and that provide your eyes with the optimal level of protection. In other words, it isn't enough to just wear eye protection; you need to also be sure you purchase the right products, so ask an expert when in doubt.

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