Farming Masks

Poultry farmers are constantly exposed to several respiratory hazards. Be it dust, gases, or disinfectants, there are numerous compounds that could lead to health risks. While small exposure to these particles may not cause any significant issues, long-term exposure can lead to severe health problems. To stay safe from respiratory diseases, farmers should always wear proper safety equipment. 

Wearing a disposable mask can help protect you or your team from most dust particles. However, you may need something more heavy-duty if you're constantly exposed to gases and vapours. 

We have a vast collection of safety masks here at Dalton Engineering. No matter the size of your farm or the hazards you're looking to avoid, our collection of face masks has everything you need to keep your lungs safe. We have disposable masks with face seals, full-face masks to shield your lungs from gases and vapour, and face fit testing kits, to name a few. 

All our masks are tried and tested to ensure they function properly. Contact our team today if you have any questions or if you're looking for a specific type of mask.