Nipple Drinking

Browse our massive inventory of high-quality nipple drinking products. We stock everything from drinker systems to pipe joiners, clips, hoses, valves, and more. Dalton Engineeringmakes poultry equipment affordable without compromising on quality and capabilities.

The innovative nipple drinking systems and other products feed and hydrate large poultry numbers at once, simplifying and de-stressing feeding time. The systems and parts in this collection are designed to improve and maintain your birds' hygiene, health, and safety. They are also designed for flexibility and can be upgraded or downsized to fit the birds' population that you want to cover. They are specified for poultry in addition to pheasants and partridge.

Think about how many birds you have and other factors like the amount of space you have and the type of bird to ensure that you get the right drinker system for your needs. Try 3 meters or go all the way up to 100 meters for the maximum capacity.

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