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3 Best Non-Chemical Fly Control Products

Rowan Burgess |

It's true: fly control doesn’t have to involve using invasive chemicals. Many livestock keepers and farmers look toward safer, alternative methods to control different fly species - especially during warmer months. 

Insecticides are effective, but they may be undesirable for environmental or safety reasons. Some available products for smaller livestock keepers aim for natural husbandry, while others may choose products for farms with a larger scale. Preference is key here.

Despite the massive use of chemicals, fly control is possible without pesticides. Farmers can utilise several options individually or as part of a cohesive fly management strategy - for all farm and property types.

Best for Hobby Animal Keepers — ORGAN-X PRO RTU INSECT KILLER - 500ML


With no chemicals guaranteed, the Organ-X-Pro RTU Insect Killer is that ‘reach for’ product when flies are plaguing your animal - both in stock housing and outdoors.

Extensive product research has resulted in a pesticide-free fly spray that works quickly and effectively. A natural-origin polymer is the basis for this unique and fast-working application, creating a coating trap on the target insect.

Dispensed in a spray bottle, the Organ-X-Pro RTU Insect Killer is quick to grab and easy to use with fast results. This handheld bottle allows hobby and professional animal keepers to instantly tackle flies and insects without requiring an initially prepared solution. 

Organ-X-Pro is ideal for the small animal keeper or hobby farm with a low stocking density, but it also has a place in larger livestock operations.

Yes, large farms generally have numerous fly management protocols. However, a handheld spray is an obvious choice when dealing with an insect problem carefully and safely - such as around newborns or in the calving shed. Plus, there's no worry about toxic chemicals near young or vulnerable animals.


  • Chemical free
  • 100% proven efficacy
  • Fast results
  • Natural-origin polymer source
  • Instant use with no preparation


  • Time-consuming with repeated manual spraying to kill insects
  • Non-dilute product makes it more expensive for volume usage

Who’s This Product For?

Mixed species hobby keepers and smallholders.

Best for Large Animal Housing and Commercial Customer-Facing Premises — PLUSZAP ZE122 FOR 80M² - ELECTRIC FLY KILLER


This high-specification electric fly killer is modern, stylish, and the perfect fly trap for large areas and commercial customer-facing locations like farm shops.

The electric fly killer tackles flies 24/7, so you can get on with other farm or shop duties. Staggered tubes and a unique offset triangular-shaped grid present a larger catch area and make the unit easier to service than retro designs.

The catch tray is quick and straightforward when removed for maintenance and appearance. Removing and replacing tubes is also clear, with no tools required.

The lightweight aluminium finish is also contemporary and sleek, with an aesthetic presentable for commercial premises like farm shops and operations selling cheese and other dairy products directly to the public.

Flexible mounting options make this unit ideal for numerous locations, including tight spaces like small shops, offices, ceiling suspensions in barns, milking parlours, and animal housing. And importantly, this electric fly killer complies with all European standards and RoHS guidelines


  • No labour or manual input required
  • Stylish presentation suitable for public premises
  • 24/7 fly control
  • Flexible mounting options for varied locations


  • Constant power required

Who’s This Product For?

Farms with large animal housing or barns and customer-facing premises.

Best for Organic Farms — FLY GLUE ROLL - DIGRAIN - 10M


This non-toxic fly roll ticks all the environmental boxes; you can use it safely anywhere. Importantly, it works year-round, an ongoing benefit as global warming means the active fly season is getting longer.

Impregnated with fly sex hormones, the unique design is especially attractive to flies with a 3-D patented pattern and fluorescent colour - all coated with sticky glue.

Our favourite part? Suitable for all animal housing, this fly roll is environmentally friendly. It lasts between 6-8 weeks and requires no maintenance or attention. Merely dispose of and replace, and this fly roll is suitable for use wherever flies congregate.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Works 24/7
  • No running costs
  • Just locate and leave; zero maintenance
  • Year-round usage


  • Fly roll looks unsightly
  • Not suitable for use in customer-facing premises
  • On larger premises and farms, it's only effective as part of a wider fly control programme

Who’s This Product For?

Any farm and smallholding plus organic operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Natural Substances Kill Flies?

Before modern chemicals were available, farmers and animal keepers had numerous techniques to control flies, including deterrents and innovative kill traps. Making traps from honey, jam or apple cider vinegar is quick and easy. Sweet or fermented substances are irresistible to flies and make the perfect trap.

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