Farming Miscellaneous

When you need miscellaneous farm tools to complete a project, Dalton Engineering has a robust stock of items for you to pick and choose from. You’ll never go into a construction plan without getting what you require when you partner with us. From welded chains to pull handles, we supply everything our customers might want.

If you required chains to separate areas of your farm, we have welded chains in 30 meters and 50-meter options so that you can complete any project you need to. Maybe you need a specific bolt to attach things? The Dalton team stocks through and eye varieties.

With the extensive collection of self drill screws we offer, you can choose between options with washers or without, depending on what you need. Plus, we have 100 and 200 pack screws in case you need to complete big projects. If you want hose clips, we have size varieties from 8 to 70 millimetres.

For farm projects that require unique or uncommonly found tools, partner with Dalton Engineering. We have whatever you want in our collection.