Poultry Fencing and Predator Control

Keeping your chicken safe from predators is vital to running your farm successfully. That's why we've put the time and effort into finding out the best ways you can do precisely that. The most effective way we've found? Electric fences.

Livestock management solutions have been successful for a long time now, especially the likes of electrical fencing. However, other methods can assist with the electrical fences, so we’ve broken down everything you need to know about predator control at your farm.

What Is Poultry Fencing and Predator Control?

These phrases encapsulate a system aimed at keeping predators away from your livestock. Several methods can help achieve this; most use a fence to keep a physical barrier between your animals and potential predators.

Types of Poultry Fencing and Predator Control

This fencing is wired with electric volts to shock any animal (or person) touching it slightly.

Netting and Mesh Fencing

This is an easy method to keep your animals in one place where you deem electricity is not required as a deterrent.

Non-Electric Fencing

Similar to the above option, non-electric fencing provides more of a fixed fence. Best used more for areas where predators are not a concern.

Predator Deterrents

A deterrent could be as simple as a small trench around the area you keep the animals enclosed.

Traps and Repellents

If deterring those predators doesn't work, try using traps and repellents to keep them away.

Lighting and Sound Deterrents

By making the area offputting for predators, you will find attacks occur less often.


How do I deter predators from my poultry farm?

Several methods exist, including electric fencing, traps, and light/sound deterrents. What you choose will depend on your needs.

What height should a chicken fence be?

At least 122cm or four feet - higher if your birds like to fly.

Can electric fencing harm my poultry?

No, it will just give them (and any other animal that tries to pass it) a slight shock.

How do I install poultry fencing?

Use poultry staples and hammer them into your fence posts.

What is the best fencing to keep predators away from chickens?

Electric or chain-link fencing has the highest success rates in keeping predators away from chickens.

Can foxes get through chicken wire?

Unfortunately, yes. Only use chicken wire to keep chickens in, not predators out.

Can predators get through hex netting?

Ground animals will likely get through, but hex netting will deter aerial predators.

How do you predator-proof a chicken coop and run?

Use hardware cloth to discourage predators from digging underneath the fences.

What keeps predators away from chickens?

Fences are the best deterrent - especially electric ones. We recommend using a combination of methods.