Thermostats & Controllers For Farming

Tools like indoor/outdoor sensors, climate controls, and two-stage thermostats will help you keep track of the temperature inside your farmhouse buildings. To help you maintain the ideal weather inside your barns, Dalton Engineering has a wide variety of thermostats and controllers for you to choose from.

Connect your thermostat in a section of the farm that is easy to reach no matter the weather. When things are too rough to go outside, you can attach an indoor and outdoor sensor to the device to keep your animals warm. Our team stocks sensors that you can attach to any thermostat.

Climate controllers are versatile. The machines are heavy-duty and allow you to control the daily temperature within your farmhouse. The Dalton Engineering controllers utilize temperature-based fan control to give you continuous, consistent temperatures inside your spaces.

All our machines are easy to install and operation. We pride ourselves in offering you with thermostats and controllers that smoothly run for years, so that you can focus on your livelihood. At Dalton, we have what you need.