Maggots Granular Larvicide - Professional Use - 10kg

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FREE Delivery for orders over £250
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Product Description
Maggots is a fly larvicidal product which is specially formulated to eliminate and control nuisance fly larvae.

The product is primarily used in:

  • Refuse and Refuse Transfer Sites
  • Poultry Houses
  • Dairy and Calf Units
  • Pig Fattening and Pig Breeding Units
  • Sheep and Goat Units
  • Horse Stables
  • Dose Rate: Dry scattering 500g 20m2
  • Dose Rate: Spraying (Directly onto muck) 500g / 5 L of water 20m2
  • Dose Rate: Spraying (Indirectly – through slatted floor) 500g / 15 L of water 20m2

  • Maggots contains a highly effective and specific growth regulator called Cyromazine. It is easy to use and is a water soluble granular larvicide which can be directly sprinkled on slurry or sprayed after dilution in water. This treatment stops larvae developing which ultimately breaks the fly cycle so flies will be eliminated.
    The Maggots larvicide offers a long residual effect and is safe to use around livestock.
    Fly larvae feed in the top four inches (100mm) of muck and it is important that the product is applied in four inch (100mm) layers.
    Cyromazine attacks the larvae of flies and prevents them from completing their life cycle into adulthood. The prevention of the larvae’s growth and development stops the larvae from moulting their skins. The new Maggots larvicide containing Cyromazine is specifically developed for controlling fly larvae. It is the only effective way of stopping fly problems and the results can be seen on the adult fly population in approximately two weeks after the first application of Maggots.
    Maggots targets 80% of a fly’s life cycle. This ensures that the problem is tackled at source as prevention is better than a cure. With up to 7,000 maggots in 1kg of muck fly problems can occur very quickly. Flies are responsible for a number of diseases in your livestock or poultry house including Salmonella and Brachyspira which can dramatically reduce production levels or in the worst cases shut down your farm. Maggots will help to reduce liquefaction of manure, leading to easier removal of muck which will ultimately save time and money and produce better manure quality. The product is proven to reduce ammonia and help to reduce odour (therefore reduces ventilation costs). A decrease in fly population is proven to increase productivity in animal housing.
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