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How To Control Flies on a Pig Farm

Rowan Burgess |

What’s the best way to control flies on a pig farm? It’ll depend - to some degree - on your farm's stocking density and layout. Also important: location, location, location. Some areas have a higher fly population than others.

An unregulated fly population can lead to herd illness and disease, impacting farm costs, production, and peace of mind. And with wafer-thin margins, controlling flies is essential for your herd health and productivity maximisation.

In this article, we’ll go over the best methods for controlling flies on a farm - to ensure they’re only a nuisance and not a problem. Ready to learn more?

Why Are Pig Units Affected by Flies?

Like poultry and dairy farms, pig units are a perfect breeding ground for fly infestation. They offer an ideal combination of manure, a warm ambient temperature, and a density of numbers. 

As UK winters warm up and summer temperatures reach record highs, these new weather patterns support all stages of the fly development cycle from larvae to adulthood - posing an increasing problem for pig farmers.

What Types of Flies Affect Pig Farms?

1. Non-Biting Flies

Non-biting flies may not bite the pigs, but they can still transmit disease, acting as mechanical vectors for many pathogens spreading viruses, worms and diseases like salmonella.

2. Biting Flies

Biting flies feed on blood, and they can cause anemia and other health problems in some pigs.

A percentage of stock could have a hypersensitive reaction to the fly’s saliva, resulting in permanently irritated and painful skin. This reaction impacts meat production while also incurring large veterinary bills. No good all around.

What Problems Do Flies Cause on Pig Farms?

Flies irritate livestock, no doubt about it, but the main problem with flies is that they cause disease and may also transmit disease to other species. Yes, even humans. Indeed, flies have a big impact on animal welfare and productivity.

Flies cause prolonged and intense suffering to pigs through irritation and biting. Animals lose condition and don’t thrive. Production rates lower through loss of condition.

While flies may cause intense suffering for pigs through irritation and biting, they also demand valuable time, money, and patience in caring for sick animals. Losses - and further environmental pain points down the line - may become inevitable if you don’t prioritise a solution. 

We’re here to help - and we’ve got a few solutions.

Fly Control Solutions for Pig Farms

Dairy Fly Spray

Dairy Fly Spray is an all-round professional insecticide for use against any flying and crawling insects you’ll find in pig housing - such as flies, fleas, cockroaches, ants, wasps and hornets.

Dairy Fly Spray is ideal for pig units and mixed species farms, as it’s suitable for any type of animal and farm building - including stables, milking parlours and rearing sheds.

The solution is quick to dilute and can be used to spray directly at insects regardless of their developmental cycle, with a fast knockdown rate and rapid kill.


  • Concentrated product produces a large volume of spray
  • Targets insects in any location


  • Insect control is not passive; takes time to walk around buildings

Who’s This For?

  • Any farmer with livestock and animal housing

Red Top Fly Trap

Red Top Fly Trap is a long-lasting biodegradable bait that rapidly harvests thousands of flies, hitting the problem at the source. 

To use, add a litre of water and suspend around 2 to 2.5 metres above ground level in sunlight near the area you aim to protect. Then, the UV light triggers the pheromone in your trap. 

No manual spraying is required, saving the farmer or livestock keeper both time and money. Red Top tackles all types of flies and has been successfully used in 27 countries worldwide.


  • Low-cost passive system with no manual application or power required
  • Particularly appealing for female flies, as it reduces breeding potential
  • Biodegradable and easy to dispose of


  • Requires regular and direct sunlight; not effective for shaded indoor use

Who’s This For?

  • Any livestock or animal unit, including farms, smallholders, livery yards, and kennels

Digrain Insect Killer Spray

This giant 600ml can of Digrain Insect Killer Spray kills both flying and crawling insects, covering almost everything you can encounter on a pig farm.

It’s ideal for rapidly infested areas, with fast-acting Tetramethrin and the long-lasting effect of Permethrin. Digrain is large enough to treat several locations.

Because of its chemical content, Digrain can only be used by an appropriately licensed professional.


  • Kills crawling and flying insects 
  • Fast knockdown rate and potent residual action
  • Large 600ml Can


  • N/A

Who’s This For?

  • Any animal unit with a severe infestation

Digrain Bugster EC Insecticide

This all-purpose insecticide from Digrain is suitable for both hot and cold fogging and as a surface spray. It controls fly populations and infestations of other insects like wasps, fleas, red mites, and cockroaches.

This Bugster insecticide has a fast knockdown rate and an 8–12-week residual action, making it ideal for preparing housing after a change of stock.

Containing fast-acting prallerthrin, this all-purpose product partners with the residual cypermethrin - meaning Bugster keeps working even when you’ve finished.


  • Ideal for hot and cold fogging
  • Useful  as a surface spray
  • Blended fast knockdown results with a long-lasting residual


  • Needs dilution before use

Who’s This For?

  • Animal units with an infestation and empty buildings as part of a disinfection programme before new stock arrives

Vulcan P Rfu Fly Spray

Ready for use without dilution, this dual-action fly killer contains permethrin and tetramethrin with the addition of piperonyl butoxide (PBO), which is a synergist that enhances impact and helps overcome any resistance or tolerance.

The Vulcan P Rfu fly spray can be used with a compression sprayer or atomiser and is odourless. It is quick and easy to use, providing immediate relief from fly problems with a reassurance of long-lasting action.

It’s suitable for Flies, midges, general flying and crawling insects


  • Contains PBO which enhances the chemical performance
  • No dilution required
  • Odourless when applied


  • Only available in 5L quantities

Who’s This For?

  • Animal keepers who require a dual-purpose product – instant relief from flies and a long-lasting effect to keep the problem at bay

Fly Glue Roll

Designed for fly control in the farming environment, this traditional concept has been upgraded for agricultural requirements. The surface is impregnated with fly sex pheromones and a specially formulated glue.

A unique patented 3D pattern and fluorescent colour provides multiple points of attraction for flies. This fly control glue roll works continuously until the trap is full.

To use, place the trap in a warm and sunny area with poor ventilation. The flies will come running! 


  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable
  • Suitable for year-round usage
  • Patented 3D design


  • Fly control is medium to long-term and not as instant as some chemical-based products

Who’s This For?

  • Animal keepers who want an environmentally friendly solution to flies

Pluszap Electric Fly Killer

This high-specification electric fly killer removes the need for chemical sprays and glue traps. Additionally, it provides a permanent killing grid - ideal for large scale pig units with a high stocking density.

Designed for improved efficacy, Pluszap Electric Fly Killer utilises an offset triangular killing grid, allowing for a large catch area and easier management. Most importantly, the catch tray is simple to remove for quick and safe maintenance.

Flexible mounting options make this unit suitable for all pig farm and animal housing types. It complies with all the relevant European safety standards and RoHS guidelines.


  • Zero chemicals
  • Labour-free - unlike spraying
  • Efficient 24/7 fly control


  • Constant electricity supply required with associated cost

Who’s This For?

  • High-density pig units where animals house inside

How To Control Flies in a Piglet-Rearing Area

Understanding the environment that flies crave can help pig farmers to create piglet-rearing areas which don’t entice them. A key component here is good ventilation - always a strong idea for healthy piglets. 

Additionally, buildings and sheds can be treated before any piglets are introduced - with long-lasting products that continue to work safely whilst the piglets are present. It’s a win-win.

Flies are a year-round problem on a pig farm, so a fly prevention programme must be in place for the entire calendar year and site. If the flies are bad elsewhere on the farm, there’s a good chance a piglet-rearing station will become affected. Act preventatively!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Fly Control Products Safe for Piglets?

It depends on the product. Glue-based and electrical fly traps are safe for piglets, providing they are placed well away from the pigsty. Piglets are curious creatures - and smart, too!

Farmers must use chemical products with discretion by following all manufacturer guidelines on dilution and quantities. Certain fly control products specifically aim at juvenile stock. If in doubt, check with your vet. 

Some spray or fogging products are only suitable for empty buildings, with a recommended leave of absence before animals safely return.  

Final Thoughts

Fly control is essential on any livestock farm, and pig units are no exception. Fly management creates a healthy environment - a holistic solution, if you will. More so, it helps optimise herd productivity and practises high animal welfare standards.

You can rely on Dalton’s fly control products with a range of options designed for your farm’s needs. We offer a great money value and effective fly management - but especially, peace of mind. Check out our website and order today!